How To Start 2021 Strong

It's a new year, and that means that you have new opportunities to make 2021 yours and take full advantage of it.

So, how exactly do you take on 2021? We want to give you some options to look at and consider trying.

Start a Side Hustle

Entrepreneurship has become more and more popular worldwide, people are starting to follow their dreams regardless of their age and to be honest, that's exactly how Opala For All started!

Find that one passion of yours, it could be anything in the world, find out what's the best market for it and do it! With the beauty of internet, you really don't need a lot or any money at all to start some businesses.


We know COVID-19 is still around, and we want you to be as careful as possible, but more and more countries are opening up for tourism again and if you've ever dreamt about visiting a new place, we suggest you to plan it for this year!

Costa Rica is currently opening back up for tourists, we recommend you reading the 5 Spots To Visit In Costa Rica Post COVID-19 to find out what we believe are the places you NEED to visit.

Watch Your Mental Health

Mental health is a topic that luckily has lost it's taboo in society, it shouldn't be taken as a joke or lightly and we're seeing more and more ways to seek for assistance in case you need it.

Everybody says "for this new year I'm going to work out and be my best version". That also includes your mental side, make sure to be as healthy as you can as a whole human being. It's not going to matter how ripped you are if you're not resting and taking care of your mental health.

To close it off...

Just because 2021 is here, it doesn't mean that we're back to normal, and you know what? It's good that we're out of our comfort zone. Start this year strong and own it, look for those changes that you've been wanting since a long time ago and be healthy and safe.

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